Welcome to Woody River Trophy Hunts, your premier destination in Saskatchewan for hunting world class whitetails in both our Wilderness Preserve as well as the Free Range! Woody River Trophy Hunts also offers some of the best black bear hunting in North America! We are located in the north eastern side of the province, nestled against the pristine foothills of the Porcupine Provincial Forest. This vast wilderness that covers over 1.5 million acres with its towering stands of timber, breathtaking river valleys, and its many tranquil lakes offer a panoramic and picturesque setting for hunters to experience a true hunt for the trophy of a lifetime. As well as a geologically superior place for these trophy whitetails to reach there full potential.

"I've discovered where the giant Canadian whitetails have been hiding and its at Woody River in Saskatchewan, Lance Miller has done an outstanding job of creating a perfect balance of quality and quantity of whitetails and he's done so while maintaining a high quality hunting experience. I can't recommend a better place or better people to help your dreams for a giant Canadian whitetail become a reality"

Keith Warren

Its no secret that Saskatchewan is the #1 hotspot in all North America for monster whitetail bucks. From the massive mahogany colored antlers to their gigantic bodies, these monarchs of the north are truly in a class of their own. We invite you to share in this truly exceptional hunting adventure.

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Woody River Trophy Hunts

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