Whitetail Trophy Hunts

The Trophy Hunt is one of the most exciting whitetail hunting experiences ever offered in a high fenced preserve setting today. This hunt was designed out of a special passion for the serious trophy hunter that wants a real opportunity at a world class Saskatchewan buck, in the same adverse and challenging terrain that the wild free range hunting consists of and yet have better odds than the free range can ever offer!

The trophy bucks in our preserve are a product of over 15+ years of a very intense breeding program that has always put its focus primarily on growing a wide big framed 6+6 whitetail with long tines and the huge mass that is so common in a Saskatchewan whitetail buck. Approximately 95% of the mature bucks in our preserve will score over 170 SCI and approximately 55-65% of those will score between 200 and 250+ SCI every year. Hunters enjoy incredible hunting experiences for monster bucks throughout our entire 4 month trophy season, taking high scoring bucks all the way to the end. Our trophy hunters typically average over 200 SCI for the season.

We believe that the experience of the hunt is as important as the size of the trophy buck you hunt for, we strive to exceed in both of these expectations.That is why our pricing is not based on the inch. We don't know the score of these bucks. It would only be "guess-ti-mating" anyways. When you hunt with us you decide yourself which one of the many bucks you see will be the trophy buck for you, regardless of what he will score.. The last thing we want you to be worried about when that monster buck of a lifetime materializes from the dense undergrowth is how much he is going to cost. We want you caught up in the excitement and thrill of the hunt all of us search for every time we enter the woods.

At Woody River Trophy Hunts we have the same affordable price all season long for the opportunity to hunt our wilderness preserve with an average score that very few can equal.Whether you like the odds of being one of the first hunters in the preserve for the season or hunting the weeks of the rut activity, there will be action right thru to the end. Some of the advantages to hunting the early weeks is to have first chance at these giants of the North, however the weeks leading up to the rut and during the rut can be some of the most exciting and rewarding. Some of these bucks have lived there whole lives eluding hunters and staying out of human sight and the only thing that gets these ole bush bucks out of the thick cover is to establish there dominance for the breeding rights. We consistently take 200 inch bucks right thru to the last hunter..

Almost all of our hunting is done from heated stands that are placed strategically throughout the preserve on food plots and travel routes , maximizing on buck and doe activity. Shots generally range anywhere from 80 -150 yards with many different bucks and does coming and going over the course of your hunt, offering many different shot opportunities.These are semi-guided hunts that begin with your guide taking you out at daybreak after breakfast. Your guide will come and check on you at noon to see if you want to continue hunting or if you want to stop for a quick break to grab some lunch and gear up for the evening hunt. After the evening hunt we will have a big home-cooked meal and sit around the fireplace telling stories and reliving those good ole hunting memories

Monster Trophy Hunts
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